1. Terms & Conditions

  1. The supplier of the goods described in this document is not the manufacturer of the goods.
  2. Should any defect, failure, hazard or unsafe feature occur within 6 (six) months after delivery of the goods to the consumer the supplier will have the right to present the goods to the manufacturer to establish the cause of the defect, failure, hazard or unsafe feature. The supplier will have a reasonable time to procure a report from the manufacturer, failing which the supplier will have to adhere to the provisions of the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, 2008. A reasonable time will be taking all factors into account such as situation of the manufacturer as well as the time needed to transport the goods to the manufacturer. The consumer confirms that the same terms and conditions contained in this document are conspicuously displayed when entering the business facility of the supplier and that he/she familiarised him/her selves there with. The consumer further confirms that he /she was given adequate opportunity in the circumstances to receive and comprehend the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  3. The supplier shall remain the sole owner of the goods until the full purchase price has been paid by the consumer.
  4. Notwithstanding the warranty given by the manufacturer the supplier will only be responsible in respect of the goods for a period of 6 (six) months from date of sale or delivery which ever occurred last.
  5. The consumer confirms that this transaction was not concluded due to direct marketing of the supplier.
  6. The consumer confirms that the goods supplied met with his/her specifications and expectations communicated to the supplier and that he/she was afforded ample opportunity to inspect the goods before delivery took place.
  7. The parties to this agreement confirm that should any dispute arise between them regarding this transaction and such dispute cannot be resolved between them within 7 (seven) days either party shall have the right to refer the dispute to an ombud which have jurisdiction over the supplier to either mediate or conciliate the dispute.
  8. Advance orders will be considered to be for the benefit and sole use of the client as identified per order or invoice as the case may be. The supplier in these instances will levy a deposit in its sole discretion and in the event of the advance order being cancelled without good reason the principles in terms of the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT will apply regarding the refund of deposits.
  9. When leaving a vehicle or container with the supplier the consumer confirms that there are no valuable items inside such vehicle or container, the total value of which does not exceed R10.00.
  10. In the event goods are returned by a consumer the following provisions shall apply, Fees shall be deducted from the purchase price in respect of:
    • Restoring the packaging to restock the goods;
    • Market related tariffs in respect of usage of the goods;
    • Restoration costs in the event of any damage incurred in respect of the goods;
    • Market related tariffs in respect of weir and tare to the goods;
    • If the goods cannot be restocked as new, the market related devaluation of the goods.
  11. We strive to ensure that all information is correct. However we can not be held laible for any errors that occur. Prices and product availability are subject to change without prior notice. Prices and availability may vary between dealers.
  12. All estimates presented to a consumer in respect of goods supplied and delivered or services rendered shall be in writing and accepted in writing by the consumer unless the consumer declines such right in writing. All estimates shall disclose in detail the labour costs, goods supplied as well as any diagnostic fees relevant to the performance of and execution of the supplier’s mandate.
  13. Upon delivery of any goods to a consumer the risk of profit and loss shall pass to the consumer.
  14. The parties here to choose the addresses mentioned in the document recording the terms and conditions of the agreement as the address where they will receive any notice or legal process. All notices shall be in writing and sent by pre-paid registered post. A period of 7 (seven) days shall lapse before an inference can be made that the addressee received the notice.

2. Privacy

The information you provide to Safari Centre 4×4 Stores is completely confidential and will not to be sold or redistributed to other parties under any circumstances.

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