8000kg Kinetic Strap

• 100% Nylon
• 9Metres
• Reusable dry bag

Always use extreme caution and stand clear when using straps. If the strap breaks, becomes disengaged or towing fixtures tear loose, the strap will snap and whip wildly. Never attach a snatch strap to a vehicle’s tow-hook or bumper. Tow hooks and bumpers are not designed to withstand the stresses a snatch strap produces. Use the vehicle’s recovery points. Only use shackles to attach your snatch strap to a vehicle. Do not use portable hardware such as hooks or chain to attach snatch straps to vehicles. Never join two snatch straps together using shackles. Protect snatch strap from sharp edges, abrasions and heat. Wash in warm water after use. Replace immediately if cut, worn or damaged.
Do not use the same snatch strap more than 10 times. Snatch straps loose their elasticity after each use and are weakened. Confirm recommended maximum number of recoveries with your manufacturer. Never perform snatch recoveries with vehicles of dissimilar size. The energy produced during a snatch recovery can jerk the lighter vehicle into the heavier vehicle, causing a collision.

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